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Becoming an attorney is a career path that demands hard work, diligence and excellence. Years of schooling, internships, clerking - many say that becoming an attorney is even harder than actually being one. Even experienced attorneys can find it difficult to advance . With so many others competing for the same attorney jobs, getting your foot in the door at a good law firm can be a challenge. While it's easy to say that the key to success is setting yourself apart from the competition, actually doing so isn't quite so easy.

At Levin Legal Search, we understand the challenges facing attorneys in the job search arena. Because we demand excellence from our candidates, many top legal firms turn to us when they have positions available. This enables us to help many candidates find top attorney jobs that would otherwise be quite difficult to get. We are much more than just another employment agency. While some legal employment agencies simply acquire as many resumes as possible and send them to as many firms as they can, we take extra care in ensuring that we only match qualified candidates with jobs that match their skills and career goals.

At Levin Legal Search, our services to candidates include:

Consultation: This is where we explain we, the agency, and you, the candidate, learn more about each other. You will have a chance to find out everything you need to know about what we do, and we'll explore your background, experience and career goals. This gives us a strong base to start from, allowing us to market you at your best, and ensure that you get a job that will be as rewarding as it is challenging.

Resume Evaluation: Your resume is a powerful marketing tool, and typically your first introduction to a potential employer. We will review your resume, suggesting revisions and enhancements where necessary, giving you the best chance to land an interview for attorney jobs. We will only submit your resume for attorney jobs with your express permission.

Marketing and Presentation: Our relationships with top law firms allow us to present you in the best light - and at the best time - increasing your chances of success. We know which recruiting administrators and hiring personnel to submit your resume to in order to ensure prompt attention. We even know who is looking for that perfect candidate, even when they're not actively listing open attorney jobs.

Interview Preparation: While your resume is an important tool, its main purpose is to secure an interview. The interview is where you will have the chance to present yourself as the best candidate for the job. We'll give you the information you need to be as prepared for the interview as possible.

Problem Resolution & Advocacy: While not being accepted for attorney jobs is usually a frustrating, disappointing experience, it can also provide valuable insight that you can use to improve future applications. Armed with input on how your interview was received, as well as assistance in identifying and resolving any issues with your resume, interview performance, or other aspects of your search.

Closing the Deal: Accepting offers for attorney jobs is a special process that has its own unique challenges. There are many details and factors to consider that many attorneys may not be aware of, or know how to negotiate effectively. Remuneration, bonuses, relocation costs, even partnership terms are all areas where Levin Legal Search can help.

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