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A common misconception about being an attorney is that finding jobs with reputable law firms is easy. While it's true that there are a wealth of attorney jobs available, there are usually many candidates vying for the same positions. This makes the process of finding a good job a competitive undertaking, making it important to be armed with all the tools and tactics for the best chance for success. Attorney search firms can help in this regard by matching qualified candidates with desirable jobs, creating a win-win situation for both the attorney and the hiring firm.

Levin Legal Search is one of the many attorney search firms that helps attorneys find jobs. However, Levin Legal Search differs from most firms in its approach and dedication to excellence. While many attorney search firms will happily accept resumes from just about anyone with a law degree and blindly submit them for any open positions, this is hardly a recipe for success. This approach usually wastes the time of the candidate, the employer, and everyone in between. It also makes it harder for other candidates being represented by the same agency, as employers are less likely to take them seriously.

At Levin Legal Search, we pride ourselves on only working with the top candidates in the field. While this selectiveness may be disappointing to some, it's an important ingredient in our recipe for success. We work with some of the country's most prestigious and renowned law firms and corporations who, naturally, demand the same excellence from their employees. This means that, unlike many attorney search firms, we extensively screen for academic excellence and distinguished work experience.

While we will gladly work with any candidates who are able to demonstrate such excellence, this typically means that our candidates graduated at or near the top of their class from a renowned school, or were members of Law Review. Our candidates typically hold undergraduate or graduate degrees with honors. Not only for us, but for most positions, having a stable work history at a reputable law firm, with experience in complex business litigation or transaction experience, is crucial. Attorneys with six years of experience or more should have a portable book of business, or should possess a legal specialty.

While this may seem a bit restrictive in comparison to some attorney search firms, this allows us to present you in your best light. Levin Legal Search's reputation for submitting only the best candidates for positions gives employers the confidence that any of our candidates have already been screened for appropriateness. This ensures the chances of securing that coveted interview and increases your chances of getting an offer.

If you have dealt with attorney search firms whose services were limited to resume submissions, we understand your frustration. At Levin Legal Search, we work with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation through offer negotiations, to ensure that your needs and expectations are met. In a field as competitive as this, this level of service makes it easier to find and secure the best legal jobs in the country.

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